23 June 2011

Harris Teeter 6/22 (Late Night!) Adventure

Is it HARRIS TEETER SUPER DOUBLE COUPON TIME AGAIN?!  Um, as you can tell from my excessive use of CAPS...the answer is obviously YES. :)

You can see all of my previous adventures to know what I am talking about, what I have gotten for free in the past, and where I find all of the deals.

Last night I realized my dedication/sickness to getting free stuff, and my love of these coupon events.  I had a softball game (I'm the coach of the team at work, we are 4-0 - BOOM). It was about 95 degrees, and after we sweated a lot, won, had pizza and I got in my car, it was about 10:00pm.  Everyone mocked me (per the usual!) that I was going to Harris Teeter at 10:00p.m.  I told them that I don't mess around!  It was time to get serious.  I had to quickly stop at home to collect a few more coupons that I had asked my BFF to cut out, and then I was off!

Here was the stuff that I got for COMPLETELY free!

Roll of paper towels, flavored sour cream, guacamole (yes!), 8ct of bandages, some kids yogurt that I will pawn off on someone else, 4 tide travel packs (free 4 loads of laundry!)
I got other things too for great deals, like SmartBalance Milk - priced at $4, but had a $1.50 coupon that doubled up to $3 - so the milk was only $1!  The same goes for some Laughing Cow cheese that I've recently tried to incorporate into every meal.  I didn't take a picture of all of those goods because by the time I got home at 11:00pm, I was wiped out and basically went straight to bed!

But P.S. - going to the store that late at night is awesome because you basically have the whole place to yourself.  The only other people in the aisles were HT workers restocking.

So go home tonight, collect your coupons, and head to Harris Teeter for a GREAT adventure.  As always, I would love to hear about your deals!

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