17 May 2011

Harris Teeter - TRIPLE Coupons - Hoot hoot HOOT!

It seems that my blog is turning into a Harris Teeter focused extravaganza.  If that is the case, I apologize for those that live states away from a Harris Teeter.  But for those of you that do live close, I hope that you are as excited as I am!  I spent at least an hour on my couch last night printing coupons...watching Vampire Diaries.  Don't judge me! :)

TRIPLE coupons start tomorrow.  This means any coupon LESS than $1 will triple in value.  So a .75 cent coupon would be worth $2.25, .50 cent would be worth $1.50 and so on.

You can see all of my previous posts about Harris Teeter here: Harris Teeter Past Adventures and Tips.  It seems that this is VERY rare, as I only remember this happening once in the past year or so, as compared to the Super Double event that happens a lot!

For this specific coupon event, I've printed most of the coupons using my trusty Coupon Printer! 

I've found the best match ups here: Our Coupon Home

To show you my obsession, I may have discussed going BEFORE work tomorrow so I can be sure to beat the crowds...and then maybe again on Thursday if I can't do it all in one trip!  I would say I need a hobby...but this is it!

This is what true beauty looks like.


  1. Agreed that Harris Teeter sales are the best hobbies around!!! I live in Northern VA so I go to the Harris Teeter on Columbia Pike. I went to the one in Fair Oaks but they don't seem to be as up with the coupon policies so I really love mine. Which stores do you go to??

  2. Alison - I live on the Hill - so I go to the one at 14th and Pennsylvania SE. I especially like it becuase there is free parking undergound.

    Is the Fair Oaks one crowded usually? Luckily mine hadn't been cleaned out yet the other day...or I would have had to venture to other locations!


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