27 May 2011

(for DC locals) - YARD SALE SATURDAY!

Why haven't I been blogging this week?  Well...me and my BFF have been way too busy pricing, organizing and gathering goods for our EPIC yard sale tomorrow.  We've also been remaining stationary, just in case any movement could be construed as a rain dance!  So all of you out there, please, think good (DRY) thoughts for no rain tomorrow!

For any of you DC locals, I expect to see you there!  We have TONS of stuff.  Both my BFF and I have already SPENT more than we have made (which is $0) as we keep finding things our friends bring that we want to buy.  Best purchase (ever?!) was a rotating room fan for $4!  It already has a permanent spot in our poorly insulated (read: HOT) home.

We would love to see you (and your eager wallets!) tomorrow :)

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