31 May 2011

My Mom's Marsh Adventure - SO Proud!

As I've mentioned before, I try to be like my mom every time I go out couponing (well, in plenty of other ways too)!  She is pretty much the master.  But unfortunately for her, she doesn't live around a Harris Teeter, so never gets to experience the triple couponing magic.  Well this weekend our local grocery (in Indiana - or maybe just in my family, we just say grocery - not "grocery store" and no, it's not weird) Marsh, had a TRIPLE COUPON event and my mom was thrilled.  When she spends half the year in FL they don't even double coupons ever (collective GASP!).  She says they are trying to take it to the old geezers down in FL!  Haha.  Classic.

This is her haul!...(on her first trip!  She went back again a few days later for some extras, obv)

She scored over $150 worth of products for $20.  She is downright impressive.

I have to go to the grocery tonight, and am confused by the thought that there is no coupon event.  No Super Double.  No Triple.  So just NORMAL?!  How am I supposed to survive like this?  :)  I'll just have to start a countdown and wait until next month.  But sadly, I can't wait until then for food.

Happy couponing!

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