20 May 2011

Ahhh NERD Excitement - New Blog Visitors!

So evidently, a lot of people like reading how insane I am for hunting down the deals at Harris Teeter!  It's sort of awesome, but sort of frightening now that my full load of crazy has been exposed to the interenet world :)

For any of you newcomers - check out some of my other posts to see more awesome ways to save money, get free stuff, and even MAKE money.

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Swagbucks - Searching Online and MAKING money :)

Daily Deal Sites

Goldstar Events - Discounts on great local events and activities

I'm back in Indiana for the weekend, and at 1:30pm I had already changed into leggings and slippers for a day of relaxation.  They are now on my "must pack" list. 

1 comment:

  1. You're such a bloggin' all-star. See you tonight!


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