23 March 2011

My Life's Ambition

If you know me at all, you know that I love coupons and the "hunt" more than anything else. I will gladly drive miles across town just to get a free men's deodorant (that I clearly don't use). And you wonder, where does this drive/passion/obsession/insanity come from? Obviously, I get it honestly. This is my mother's cabinet (and this isn't even all of it!).

People always wonder, what are you going to do with 87 toothbrushes? Well, there are a couple of options of what to do with your "un-needed" items.

1. Use it. I haven't bought toothpaste, a toothbrush, floss, mouthwash, lotion, shampoo/conditioner, aspirin, lady products, etc in at least a year. And I get a little jolt of adrenalin every time I use something and think "yeah, this was free."

2. Sell it at yard sales. And YES to those questioning, people will buy NEW toiletries at yard/garage sales. You wouldn't believe what people will buy. I have experience, and have watched the toiletries tables get cleaned out immediately the past couple of years.

3. Be generous to your friends. I had a friend recently mention that her boyfriend took their toothpaste on his trip with him, so I brought one to her, (as I may, or may not, currently have about 12 toothpastes in my possession), and I'd like to think that it made her day. And even if it's not saving money for me, I love saving money for anyone.

4. Donate it. The picture below is of all of the treasures that my mom took to a shelter this past winter. LOOK at this picture. How amazing is it to take a load like that to a shelter to people who need it?

Just another reason my life's ambition is to be more like my mom.


  1. So awesome! Thanks to your stockpile, a family that just lost their hme in a fire will have some toiletries! Couldn't have done it with out you!

  2. This is awesome! So... did you get ALL of that stuff for free? And, how exactly? Do you just find coupons and pair them with the best deals at stores? I want to know the secret! (I'm new to your blog! ;))

  3. Welcome to my blog - thanks for commenting!! :) Yes - I would say 99% of this stuff was completely free or even a "money maker!"

    I find the deals through a bunch of sites, and they usually show me where to get the coupons and what stores to use them at. Mostly CVS (and my mom goes to Walgreens, I don't have one close to me in DC) trips. I just started the blog, so I'm going to start posting weekly deals and matchups etc in the next week!

    Are there any stores in particular you are interested in? Or specific items? I can try and post about those and keep an eye out for you :)


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