29 March 2011

Couponing 101 - Loyalty Cards

A lot of people think that couponing and saving money is overwhelming.  And granted it CAN be overwhelming if you want it to be.  But it definitely doesn't have to be.  And you don't have to be like me driving around town trying to get 50 free Sobe LifeWater's (this happened...another story for another time).

After you sign up for a new couponing-dedicated email address - you MUST get the "loyalty" cards.  These are almost like fake discounts.  I think that stores jack up the prices for those chumps  unfortunate people who forget to get them or use them.  Remember they are usually FREE (HOOT for a DOLLAR!).

My favorites (obviously partial to where I live) are:

CVS ExtraCare Card

Safeway Club Card

Harris Teeter VIC Card 
(only shop there when HT has SUPER DOUBLE coupons every few months)

But remember, it doesn't hurt to sign up for as many as you want.  I recently signed up for a Toys R Us Card. And as usual, I got a little flack, but think about it - in the next 30 years, how many people I know, will have children?  I don't know 100?!  So if I can get a few free baby shower gifts, rock on.  And, now with all this spiffy technology, a lot of times you don't even have to carry a big stack of these around.  There are apps (specifically CardStar) that let you aggregate all of your cards, so you can just flash your phone at a store!

Next up: Coupons, where to start...

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