25 March 2011

Couponing 101: Separate Email Account

My friends always ask me "where do I start?"  Well, if you are even remotely interested in starting to consciously save money or using coupons with more purpose - this is it!

Boy, I wish someone told me about this years ago.  I have to give credit to my BFF (and soon to be guest blogger!) for coming up with this idea first: setting up a separate email account.  One of the problems/side effects of signing up for tons of couponing, money saving, daily deals, freebie sites, is all of the emails you get.  No one (probably) wants to get daily emails from a bunch of companies that fill up your inbox.

And yes, when you sign up, they will sell your stats (names, ages, etc) to other companies (but I'm not too worried about getting extra coupons in the mail!)

So I started a separate couponing account - (very original - cegcoups@gmail.com) to use to sign up for anything I wanted to, without worrying about it filling up my usual inbox.  I don't even check this account every day.  Just whenever I want to look up some deals. And if you do find something you would like to read everyday, you can just transfer that to your regular account.

I LOVE everything Google.  So I would recommend just signing up for another gmail account and use this when signing up for all of the freebies I will be posting!  So, what are you waiting for?  Go start your new account!

And because I find any post without pictures boring....GO BUTLER! (I am a Hoosier, therefore, root for all things Indiana, even if that includes me jumping on bandwagons.)

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