28 March 2011

FREE Samples - Are they worth it?

Quick answer, YES.

Now, I am not going to post free samples on here that you have to sign up on 8 forms to get an e-book download for free.  I only sign up for freebies that I think are worth it, considering the effort, and the actual sample.  I just got this in the mail today.

I've heard that each load of laundry cost about $.20 worth of detergent.  BUT this also came with $1.50 coupon, which is pretty big!  And again, I get so excited using this to do a load of laundry, and I think - FREE!

And this is a perfect way to use your new coupon-dedicated email account that I talked about here: Couponing 101: Separate Email Account

I would also HIGHLY recommend Google Chrome.  I just switched over from Firefox, as it was wreaking havoc on my laptop, and it's awesome.  For free samples, it's especially awesome as there are sweet auto fill features, so it just fills in my information, rather than me typing in my address every time.  Even MORE efficient!

Here are a few samples I'll be signing up for today:
Aveeno Hair Care Sample
Fred's Diaper Sample (again, friends with babies...I once gave a friend of mine a whole shopping bag of diapers full that I got from free samples!)

Happy Freebie-ing!

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