31 March 2011

CVS Adventure - 3/21 - How to get stuff for FREE

Now this is a week or so late, forgive me!
So I thought I would show a simple of example of exactly "how" you can get things for free at CVS.

Last week at CVS, a bunch of Reach items were free (toothbrushes, floss, etc).

I bought 5 toothbrushes, marked at $1.00 each.

Then I used 3 coupons I've been carrying around for awhile from my coupon holder, a few of which you can still print here:  Reach Coupons
The coupons equaled to $5.00, so all I had to pay was $.30 in tax.

And this year at our yard sale, I will sell each toothbrush for (at least!) $1.00.  So if I sold them all for $1.00, I would make back in CASH $4.70.  Not to shabby for a day at CVS!

FL 2011 March with Mama 024 by Chrispie01

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