01 April 2011

Couponing 101: The Sunday Paper

My advice: get it immediately.

This is one of the top 2 places I get coupons (the other is the internet, I'll post about that soon!).  Usually there are deals running through your local papers, to only get the Sunday editions.  Sometimes, there are even bonuses for signing up for a year, rather than just 6 months.  I think when I signed up, I got a $10 Target gift card.

Right now, you can go here to get the Sunday Washington Post for only $.59cents a week!  That is an insanely good deal, considering your return on investment.  I guarantee you will cut out at least one (if not tons) $1.00 off coupon.  So right there, cutting out only ONE measly coupon, will save you $.41cents a week.

So not only does the Sunday paper come full of ads, (and if you are lucky like me, the Washington Post Magazine and the DateLab article), it comes with usually 2-3 coupon inserts a week!

Then you will have all of the weekly ads, that will encourage you to look through them, and find the best deals for what you are looking for.  For you couponing newbies out there, I would simply recommending flipping through the inserts, and cutting out any coupons for items that you already use or plan on buying.

Lastly - SAVE your coupon inserts.  Write the date you got them in Sharpie across the front, get a shoebox, throw them in, and save them.  I'll post later about my process for sorting coupons and saving them (again, thanks to Lina - BFF).  But trust me, if you want to become more into couponing (especially matching up coupons to get freebies), save your inserts.  And if you aren't going to save them -bring them to me! :)

Next up: Internet coupons - where to find them, and how to print them!

PS, I just got this cd, and it's is amazing and the BOMB.  Adele - 21

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