13 April 2011

Daily Deal Sites - Sorting through the Madness

Nowadays, there are just SO many Daily Deals sites, which is EXCELLENT, yet overwhelming.  As I've mentioned before, I don't love tons of emails cluttering my inbox.  But I DO love tons of daily deals.  So what's a girl to do?  Well, my BFF Lina introduced me to YIPIT.

What is Yipit?

Yipit aggregates and recommends the best daily deals in your city.

So instead of getting separate emails for each one of the Daily Deal Sites like Groupon, Living Social, etc., you only get one email that aggregates them all - voila!

Now I would say, be careful with all of these sites, as sometimes you are sucked in to a great deal, for a place you really wouldn't go.  So you might end up going somewhere, and spending even more money that you wanted.  I've bought a few that, while great deals, still haven't been used.  

So that's where ANOTHER great site comes in.  My future sis-in-law showed me CoupRecoup.  This is a site where you can sell back unused deals you have purchased, or find ones that you have missed.  I've listed a few on here (just this week) and have yet to sell them, but still worth a shot.  I'd love to hear if anyone had success doing this!

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