20 April 2011

CVS Adventures 4.17.11

I headed off to CVS Sunday knowing I was going to pack a punch.  I don't usually get a TON of stuff at CVS, but the coupon gods were with me yesterday, and there were lots of things happening.

You can check out http://www.simplycvsshopping.com/ for some of the amazing deals you can get, and weekly coupon matchups!  

So I had some ExtraBucks to spend, so I figured I would pay for my items, using those, and get some ECBs back.  With all of my coupons and all of the sales...my total only came to $1.39!  And I got $6 ExtraBucks BACK!

I also got 6 packs of Adult Depends (clearanced at $1.82 - had a $2.00 off coupon!)...but that is a whole other story!

So I had a coupon for pretty much everyone of these items.  Aka...like 20 coupons.  At the counter, everything was going very smoothly and we got down to my last few coupons, and instead of taking $2 off, it ADDED $2.  Obviously, not ok with that, the manager came over, tried to fix it, failed and then announced that we had to VOID the whole transaction and start over.  At this point, there was a line of about 20 people behind me, but I didn't dare look back to see their glares of hate.  Also, mind you, this meant I had to RE-take out my 6 packs of adult diapers (I promise, they aren't for me!) in front of a large CVS mob.  Ahh the plight of a couponer.  My cashier was extremely helpful and had a great attitude and just started over.  And it went off without a hitch!

It was amazing, and one of the better CVS trips I've had in recent weeks.

Again, if you want to get in on the action and see EXACTLY what you can get with coupons, go to http://www.simplycvsshopping.com/ or IHeartCVS.


  1. Wow, you did have a great trip!! Did you see my post about a new Reach floss printable? You can go back for more :-).

  2. Of course I saw that, and printed yesterday immediately after you posted. I was so excited. I never thought I would enjoy getting free floss so much - ha. Esp as I hate flossing! :)

  3. A little late, but I got 5 packages of Depends yesterday. Mine were $1 each and I had $1.50 coupon that took the whole amount off! They're not for me either :)

  4. I'm a novice couponer though I am decent at using my Extrabucks, but I will happily report that thanks to your posts, I just saved $19.35 cents at CVS today. Woot!


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