21 April 2011

Easter Weekend - Home again home again...

I'm heading back to Indiana tonight and I can't WAIT.  I think this calls for a list of the reasons I'm excited.

1. Family Quality Time (obviously) and seeing my friends.
2. Tonight AND Saturday the Indiana Pacers have a playoff game that I will get to watch with my family and eat tons of chips and various dips.

3. Minute to Win It - FIRST Annual Championship.

Ok, if you haven't watched this show, um YOU'RE WELCOME for me introducing you to it.  It's amazing.  You need to find the episode called "Kids Rule Part 1 &2" - it's 2 hours, and it will induce sobbing in happy hysterics.  It was the first episode I watched, and I've been hooked ever since.  So clearly me, my brother, his fiancee', and his best friend have come up with an epic tournament that will take place Saturday morning.  I'll report back, hopefully, with a trophy.

4. Indiana Garage Sale Prep.  Due to a scheduling conflict, I won't be able to attend this two day extravaganza, and it's pretty devastating.  BUT, I am going to help organize and price and prepare for this gala.  This will call for another stop at CVS to get more free stuff to sell, and then working with my mom, organizing her MANY FREE toiletries and counting all the things we will be SELLING!

So have a very happy Easter weekend, and maybe you will be motivated to clean out your house and organize and find some things to sell or donate!

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