28 April 2011

Harris Teeter - SUPER DOUBLE COUPONS - 4.27 -5.3

 It's HARRIS TEETER SUPER DOUBLE COUPONS time again!!!!  Can you feel my excitement?

Let me give you the play by play of a text conversation between me and my mom two nights ago.

Mom: "Harris teeter!  Super double!"
Me: "What when how why? Where?!?!"
Mom: "Tomorrow for a week I think."
Me: "Hell yes! Look out cat treats!"  (reminder, I don't have a cat - haha)

In case you forgot what that means, you can read my previous post here. So head out and use those $1 coupons this week for MEGA savings!  http://www.harristeeter.com/

And to get a feel for some of the free things you might score, you can see my trip from last time here.

So it looks like maybe this promotion is now running every month, which is incredible and amazing and life changing.  Dramatic?  Yes.  Now I will be on the hunt and always collecting perfect SUPER DOUBLE coupons.  I only wish I would have known about this a day ago when I was home in Indiana.  This is a picture of our counter-top, covered with the coupons my uncle brought us at Easter.  He and my mom trade coupon inserts.  Hilarious and awesome.

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