19 April 2011

RueLaLa - Yes, it's ok to spend money...sometimes!

Ok, so I don't usually post about ways to spend money...but if you are going to do it, this is the way.

Now is THE time to sign up for RueLaLa.  If you sign up now, you get a $20 credit to start with.  That's incredible, and I'm jealous that I didn't have that when I first signed up!  It's a designer/discount website that has daily deals.  You have to be a "member" to buy from them.  So they have boutiques open daily with crazy good deals on things, that only last for 24 hours.

Now generally, I don't buy "fancy" things, but that doesn't mean I don't WANT to buy fancy things. So this is how I use Rue La La.  I see things that I really want (but am not willing to pay full price for), and I watch for them to come up on RueLaLa, and then I snag them and feel good about getting them for a great discount.

I've gotten three things on RueLaLa and I'm obsessed with each one of them.

This Hobo Wallet:
My new Raybans that I posted about before:

And the purse they all go in:

So don't waste anymore time.  It doesn't hurt to just look (right?!) ...and wait for a sweet, sweet deal and SNAG!

Sign up for RueLaLa HERE! and get a $20 CREDIT!

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