18 April 2011

Target Adventure 4.16.11

I love ending a shopping trip with the cashier saying "THIS is how you shop and use coupons!" Oh I couldn't agree more.  I went to see a movie on Saturday night, and that theatre happened to be next to Target.  When picking up my friend, this is how my text went "What time should I pick you up...leaving time for dinner...and obv Target?"  This is pretty much how my life rolls, revolving around when I can stop for FREEBIES! :)

Here is my loot.  Ok, actually there were 2 more boxes of Skittles...that I ate at the movies.

And here is what my receipt looked like - I ONLY payed for tax - $.27!  Hooooot!

My cashier was pretty much ideal, and proud of me.  Sometime cashiers are trouble and surly (I'll post about how to deal with them soon)!  Everything I bought, I had coupons for to make them free, so I only paid for the tax.  I will eat the Skittles, my BFF will eat the Kashi cereal and I will SELL the Airwicks at our Yard Sale (more about that soon too!).    Yippee!


  1. Awesome! Love getting the freebies. I have my coupons ready for the Skittles Blenders, but they haven't made it to my store yet. Hope they arrive before the coupons expire. I forgot the Airwick yesterday. I'll add that to my next list. ;)

  2. Janet - that is awesome! It took me a long time to find the Skittles Blenders, but I found mine on the HUGE Easter Candy Wall (with the usual Easter Candy Items). They are technically Easter candy (I guess because there is a picture of an egg on them!). Maybe you will have luck there?

    Also, the Airwicks were even on sale at my store for $.89! So the $1.00 coupon made them a money maker :)


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